Friday 27 September 2013

'tis but a flesh wound! (Know No Fear Diorama #10)

This week I switched teams and tackled painting Ultramarines for the first time. The new Citadel Paint range confused me somewhat as the old 'Ultramarines Blue' is not the new 'Macragge Blue' and so on. In the end I mixed up a base coat using a 'Mordian Blue' with a little 'Fenrisian Grey' mixed in, highlighted up with 'Russ Grey'and 'Ulthuan Grey' before shading down with the usual glazes from Citadel and Vallejo.

As always, you can click for a larger version. I cropped a couple of photos but the extreme zoom showed a multitude of sins! I expect (am hoping) the viewer won't peer too closely at individual models in a diorama. The red worked very well against the blue, feeling more vibrant as compared to the Word Bearer model, despite the same colours being used. In future I may try to alter the mix on contrasting colours, but that's a little beyond the scope of this particular project.

Around the back we can see a little more highlighting to represent reflections of the ship's hull catching the armour and especially the blood. I again shaded using glazes and washes all the way to black, though I kept the 'gold' more on the brown side for personal taste.

At an angle we can really see the blood shooting out of the chest, which once painted up is quite gruesome! The original model from the artwork (pictured below) had a lot brighter and sharper highlights, but I don't think I could pull it off without looking extremely washed out or looking very pastel (and the Word Bearers would end up pink to match!)

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