Sunday 15 February 2015

Completed: Furioso Dreadnought with Frag Cannon

This guy is an old metal dreadnought with a newer plastic Frag Cannon arm. I loved painting the metal detailed wings, skulls and other elements, they certainly have a more hand-sculpted feel than the perfectly symmetric details on some of the newer models. He received two layers of 'Ard Coat to prevent chipping, along with a layer of Lamium Medium to reduce the shine. This has dulled some of the detail, but I drew the line at tabletop quality with only the freehand receiving special attention, so I'm less concerned with looks rather than gaming longevity. I plan to fill the gap in the base with green stuff in between painting other models, and may add kill markings in the future.

Here is a work in progress shot showing some of the gold details using my new method. I mixed brown and gold paint, highlighted this with silver, then apply thin coats of gold over the top. I honestly started non-metallic painting as I could never get a gold finish to look good, so a big thank you to Thor from GW Highgate for the painting tips! I also started using some pigments on the base to tie the green metals and grey earth together, you can see the finished base in the previous photos. I am really enjoying seeing this army come together, stay tuned for more updates!


  1. The chips and subtle details on this guy are really nice. Going to be a bad ass on the tabletop!

    1. Thanks Greg! He was shot down as he arrived in his first game fully painted so I was very happy to have spent the time to paint some 'Ard Coat on him as being 80% he is quite heavy to be laying on his side. Here's to a few more games standing the right way up!