Monday 20 April 2015

Less is More

As Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo shares in his post The Way of the Miniature Painter "A sword only can be handled when the will to hold it in your hand comes from the right spot in your heart" and unfortunately the same can be applied to how I feel about this blog at present. I have been blown away by the work on display over at the Iron Sleet Invitational, and have been trying to diverge from the norm with some of my own projects while at the same time reducing the backlog of unfinished work, none of which I especially feel like sharing piecemeal. Part of this "work in the background" was finishing my one and only commission which I started around Christmas (a base for an Imperial Knight which you can see above's finally in the mail!), and the other major part is rebuilding my Ork army which i have been working on since 2001...

In the rush to build my Blood Angels up for a tournament I had forgotten what fun it can be to build an army without a deadline. Even the smallest grot has amazing character, and with the new 32mm bases I look forward to swarming the table with the green tide once more. Another post Blood Angels indulgence is trying to paint an army using no reds! It is also a relief to play a seemingly less competitive army where the death of one model doesn't seem to matter when there are over a hundred more right behind. I will continue to share some of my more interesting work on the blog as the army grows, hopefully with a little more heart in future. Thanks for dropping by and good luck with your own painting projects!


  1. Don't touch Jimmy though; He's perfect how he is.

  2. The Inq28 stuff over at Iron Sleet and other websites is really inspiring. With John Blanche posting pics of fan created stuff all the time in White Dwarf Visions, I simply don't understand why GW hasn't published a skirmish game for us kitbashers.

  3. Hope to see more of your great work soon!!