Sunday 25 August 2013

Know No Fear Diorama #3

Things got a little gruesome this week, with the addition of a headless model to my growing Know No Fear diorama. Using the same technique as the previous model with the exploding chest I accentuated it somewhat to account for the trail of blood leading back down his torso. For the head I kept it simple, hollowing out the inside then keeping the blood spatter to a minimum as it will be closest to the observer, or already "in your face" enough without over doing it.

I may have made the zero-gravity blood a little too large, but this is very easy to fix as they are just super-glued on. Alas, no work in progress picture as I was a little keen with the undercoat while the apartment was vacant and the odour quite offensive, even if it is applied on the balcony. I used standard marine shoulder pads, adding the chaotic edge work with green stuff, and also took the torso from a Death Company marine. The legs and head are from a cheap three pack of 'non-poseable' Chaos Space Marines, as is the backpack.

As with the previous model, I scuplted the right foot at a more 'natural' downward angle, and looked for the most 'open' handed or relaxed hands from my bits box to avoid having to cut out a weapon and re-sculpt too much. All of this saves time for the excessive amount of sculpting required for my next model, Roboute Guilliman.

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