Tuesday 3 February 2015

Completed: Blood Angels Scouts

The clock is ticking for my Blood Angels army with the tournament less than a month away now. I took some of my enthusiasm for speed painting my Death Company (not a tournament unit however!) and applied it along with the same palette to my second troops choice: Scouts with Snipe Rifles. Despite being difficult to photograph with the white background they look great in person and very "special operations" themed as I plan to use all the bright colours of the rest of the army to divert attention away from them while they babysit an important objective. I already lost them myself a few times as individual models among all the ruins in a Kill Team game, so here's hoping it works in a full game.

The Blood Angels logo on the shoulder guards should tie them in with the rest of the force once everything is painted, and the green-glazed-metallics tie in with the basing on the other models so they will definitely tick the box when it comes time for paint score judging. The lack of red really suits the models, and is a far cry from the previous clown-like basecoat! I found the freehand on the shoulders and extra work on the seargent's face really satisfying after the quick paint job on the rest of the models.


  1. I love the camo, and the subtle red. Definitely a nice change from the previous "shoot me I'm not hiding" scouts :).

  2. Simple and beautiful. You nailed the Sgt's face. Great work!

  3. Thanks everyone, I am really enjoying painting to a deadline and experimenting a little. Cheers!