Saturday 13 June 2015

Blood Angels Upgrade Pack: Corbulo Conversion

I've spent the past couple of months gaming rather than painting, and I have really been enjoying the Shield of Baal summer campaign at my local store. The Blood Angels I painted for Gottacon at the start of the year have been dusted off (just as I finished building my new Ork army...) so I have felt quite torn for inspiration as I wasn't expecting to be painting red armour again so soon. Kudos to GW for releasing an upgrade kit just as I was raiding my bits box for marine bodies and wondering how I was going to match them against the newer Blood Angel Tacticals.

A lot of folks seem to find the upgrade kits redundant, but I love that you don't have to buy a whole new box of models just to pimp out a character. Speaking of, above you can see the start of my Corbulo model for the campaign. I don't know how to proceed with the backpack or where to integrate his famous chainsword, but the model reminds me a lot of a piece of art from the codex which I have included below. It's been nice to have a painted army to game with, and to take my time with the next few conversions. The arm alone has been pinned in three places to have the chalice in the best position, and I'm in no hurry to get him painted up so I may lower it again. I hope all of your own projects are just as fulfilling, thanks for stopping by!

Friday 5 June 2015

Fury Road

I want to share with you my love for the new Mad Max film, Fury Road. I saw it last night in plain old "2D" and was glued to the screen from start to finish. It truly has to been seen to be appreciated and I feel the high budget action scenes mask a deeper almost art house film which will reward many a re-watch. I have limited tolerance for endless Marvel/DC related movies (having never picked up a comic book my whole life other than those borrowed and gathering dust on the shelf) so I can understand this film isn't for everyone, but as an artist and long time fan of any non-zombie portrayel of a dystopian future (Zombies are soo 2010...) the classic "there and back again" adventure tale has been given a real kick in the pants by director George Miller (of Babe and Happy Feet fame). If you need any encouragement to work on a hobby project (Ork Speed Freak related or otherwise) then I would definitely see Road Fury. They were scouting locations for this film in 1999!