Sunday 7 February 2016

Saul Tarvitz Conversion

With my Emperor's Children slowly growing from Betrayal at Calth box set bits, I turned my attention to building a leader for smaller games while I earn myself enough painting "points" to build some of the more mobile units I have planned for the army. He is made entirely from bits box parts including a random arm which had been stripped of paint and a cape which I first tried two brush blending on. I love the look of the bright red coloured cape against the dark purple on some of my other work in progress models, so he should stand out on the tabletop!


Equipped in the rules with a "sniper rifle" boltgun and "heavy" two-handed duelling blade, I made the best approximations with the bits I had available though the sword is comically large and probably not balanced correctly for a one hand hold. I have kept the armour simple to designate his less pretentious background (using some MkIV running legs as a nod to the heresy era army) though with enough details to work with once painting begins!