Saturday 12 January 2013

Completed: Imperial Guard Cadian Squad 1

It's always nice to finally finish a complete squad for your army. With the basing having remained unfinished on these guys for a number of months due to indecision, I'm proud to say this is the first of (hopefully) many squads to be done in the same style. See the matching Zombie Guardsmen here.

There are many basing theories that say you must base a light model on a dark base, and vice versa, and I had originally decided upon a camouflage pattern for the armour, but instead painted it to match the basing colours for the same effect, throwing all theories out the window. The tiles are made from green stuff to match the allied Blood Angels, with a little more grit and grass for variation. I really like how it turned out. I have also decided against weathering the armour to keep them crisp and visible on the tabletop.

This morning was so sunny I used my usual light box in a dappled corner, set up some diffusing baking paper and let the camera do the rest. Still a little fuzzy, but getting better! Let me  know what you think.

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