Sunday 17 February 2013

Holiday Treasure Hunt & Upcoming Content

As mentioned this week I was away on holidays, and in that time I raided my old Warhammer 40,000 collection for some inspiration. Throwing caution into the wind I packed up all my Orks into a second check in bag and crossed my fingers they would make it through LAX in one piece.

So far so good, a cursory inspection shows only a couple of broken weapons/arms. Having not played these guys in 6th Edition I am itching to try out open topped Assault Vehicles, army wide Fleet and not worry about snap shooting when most of the army only hits on 5+ anyway!

In Imperial Guard news, I found a half started Leman Russ Tank (was rescued from being looted in fact!) so expect a post regarding these guys. Armour 14/13/10 is still pretty mean when most people are switching from Melta to Plasma, even with the apparent Hit Point problem vehicles have this edition. Following on from my Wargames Factory Zombie Gaurdsmen I also picked up a box of Defiance Games "Alien Wars" Marines to make some Veteran Imperial Guard. Hailing from Massachusetts (had to look that one up!) these models are nearly at the magical $1each mark making them ideal for Imperial Guard infantry blobs. 

Plenty to look forward to, thanks for dropping by!

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