Monday 20 May 2013

Painting a chequered pattern

Recently I have been adding the details to my Dakkajet and found the process of painting a checquered/checkered pattern on the wings very frustrating and time consuming, at least the way I was attempting to do it:

Simply looking at other designs I sketched a rough pencil outline, filled in the light squares and began painting the dark ones from the corners, so that the overlap would be minimal and the edging sharp and eye catching. Unfortunately I spent more time squaring up the design than actually painting it, so instead I took my finest brush and painted in the hatch design on the other wing first, before filling in the dark areas:

From the photo above I felt there would be no way the designs would match on both wings, as the black squares where clearly going to be larger than the white and look awful once the wing was finished. Nevertheless I pushed on, and with most modelling adventures the end result was quite pleasing even if the first few minutes make you want to scrap the whole thing and start again. After a little weathering with wash and pigments only, the Dakkajet is looking great. I have decided not to try glazing on this one, as the large flat panels would be very difficult to get even colour modulation on.

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