Sunday 28 July 2013

Primary Colours

This weekend I decided to start small with the second attempt at painting Necrons, this time using the same palette of glazes on a Necron Warrior. Once again I started with a yellow glaze to set down the shaded areas, before moving on to orange, red and brown. I aimed to include more mid-tones instead of using the base coat colour to do the heavy lifting. I also went for a deeper blue by using a darker base coat.

Once again I got a little carried away, and ended up with a more 'orange' Necron Warrior than planned, more fake tan than sun bleached metal! Combined with the bold use of primary colours (switching out the green for a warmer red) it ended up looking almost cartoon like, though once a few more are complete and the bases painted perhaps it will be more striking on the tabletop than the usual silver/gray Necron armies? 

What are your thoughts?


  1. He looks old school. Might I suggest some additional shading with a nice dark green? Could settle him down a bit.

    Personally I haven't been doing much hobbying, but I hope to submit my thesis by my birthday.

    Hope you're well,

    1. Leigh, I agree a little green is needed, and am going to try the same but with green glow on the gun and more mute tones and some weathering. Definitely going for less Rogue Trader a bit more Grimdark in retrospect. Congrats on the thesis btw!