Saturday 26 October 2013


After a wonderful sunny day spent shuffling my feet through all the colourful leaves of autumn to the model shop, I was rewarded with a couple of quite humbling medals in a local painting competition. Not only did my diorama place first in its own category, it also took the honour of customer favourite (aided by a completely unsolicited visit from my grandmother in law no less). I also placed first in the science fiction large model category with my Leman Russ. Both models faced stiff competition from modellers with greater technical ability, bolder eye catching colour schemes, more intricate detailing and smoother blending, but I feel I acheived consistency across all areas and managed to convey my ideas without spending every waking moment painting. A deadline certainly gets things done!

I was also fortunate enough to touch base with a fellow Vancouver blogger, Kelly of Sable and Spray fame. His highly detailed 2012 diorama entry depicting a Space Marine Terminator being stalked by Genestealer really inspired my to try my hand at weathering, and he had some great tips of his own to share using various brush and spray on sealers to change the way washes and inks flow across models, as well as a few disaster tales involving detergent and foaming paint! Not that any of these problems showed on his eye wateringly beautiful Sisters of Battle models, which took first place in the science fiction squad category. Congratulations!

It's nearly one year since I started this blog, and I can't quite believe how much I've accomplished. A big thank you to Strategies Games & Hobbies for fostering the painting community here in Vancouver, and for hosting many games of 40k which would have no hope of fitting on the dinning room table at home. I am just starting on assembly of my Necrons so as to take a break from painting, and I hope this will be the first army I actually ''finish" using the one paint and basing scheme. Here's to not getting side-tracked!


  1. Well deserved wins, for sure. I had a chance to talk to Arthur Nicholson ( ) afterwards, and he couldn't say enough good things about your diorama and Leman Russ. While there were some fantastic entries in those catagories (including my own Sisters of Battle Rhino!), yours definately deserved the wins.

    I think the most impressive thing about your entries was just how far you've come in such a short time. I love how you've incorporated much of James Wappel's painting tips and tricks into your own style, as well as many other sources. Honestly, you're incredibly Borg-like in your ability to easily assimilate various techniques, and fearless when venturing outside of any semblance of a comfort zone. Congrats!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Kelly, and great to chat on the day. It's been a whirlwind 12 months for sure, but the 'take home message' has been just keep on modelling and painting no matter what the outcome. There are a few 'test models' that don't make it to the blog, and the enthusiasm comes and goes, but as long as I keep a brush in my hand on a weekly basis my skills certainly seem to improve. As for having my own 'style' it's definitely a work in progress!