Monday 11 November 2013

Photography Space MkII

After a brief chat with Darren of Metal Miniatures and Strategies Games & Hobbies fame, I have made a few adjustments to my very simple photography setup. I had mentioned to him I was getting better photos from my mobile device than from my point and click camera, and he asked about lighting sources and camera set up, to which I had to admit "sunshine" and "hold it steady" were my solutions!

My previous set up, also using the kitchen lamp as a light source.

My photography makeover started with a "daylight bulb" and new desk lamp, both of which were acquired rather inexpensively from a hardware store. The biggest confusion was the new (to me) option of LED lamps rather than filament or cathode tube/fluorescent bulb. At nearly twice the price and in confusingly rated white balance (being either to yellow or too blue) I stuck with the bulb which actually said "daylight" on the packet!


Secondary to this was the addition of a diffusing screen (baking paper) across the bulb, and mildly reflective surfaces to partially illuminate the sides and underneath of the model. Both of these additions are to reduce the sharpness of shadows, especially as the camera angle and light source are at quite different angles. The second brilliant tip from Darren was eliminating shake by using a tripod, or by propping the camera and setting a delay for the shot, rather than relying on the 'anti-shake' function. Simple but effective!

So far so good? I am still testing some camera settings, light angles and different backgrounds but so far the results are promising, and with winter setting in the addition of a great painting lamp is brilliant (Also still in the testing phase is my Necron paint scheme, but more on that later). This week's post has been a very basic update regarding my photography setup, and if I have left you wanting more then I highly recommend you check out the following links:

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