Saturday 28 December 2013

WIP Necron Scarabs

This post should probably be titled 'ready for paint' rather than work in progress, as they are not yet undercoated, but I had great fun putting these guys on some rubble bases with the sounds of scampering claws and images of swarms of these guys overwhelming flesh and iron alike in my mind as I prized super glued fingers apart.

I added a base or two on top of the scarabs included in the Necron Megaforce using green stuff and some Instant Mold to make a more usable sized unit, and kept things minimal though the addition of a dead Space Marine from the Badlands basing kit by GW (woefully overpriced rubbish, too bad to even review) adds a focal point amongst the rocks and gravel. For now it's off to the model shop for some more paint!

On a side note I have been bitten by the 'clip and glue' assembly bug so the paint brushes are down for the time being. I always try to seize any opportunity to work on something I'm excited by in the hobby rather than save it for a rainy day (usually when the moment has already passed), and as we speak a Blood Angels Predator and the 'Barge' model from the Necron Megaforce are currently in bits on the work bench. I am hoping to carry this through into the New Year and tidy up the unassembled pile in the cupboard!

Have a great New Year everyone, thanks for following along with my first full year of blogging!

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