Wednesday 5 March 2014

Hobby "Travel Kit"

Inspired by a fellow Vancouverite who fits painting into every second of the day, I have taken my hobby on the road in the form of a small satchel filled with files, blades, drills and accompanied by clippers and glue. I cannot seem to paint in the company of others due to horrible multitasking skills (the palette usually dries by the time I've turned away from the conversation), but so far I have not lost a finger or trimmed a model's arm in half while on the go.

This particular set up enabled me to get a good start on the latest Imperial Knight model (It's my birthday, thanks Grandma) while in between games of 40k at the local store, all while joking about this size of the model as compared to models on the table (my leg is the size of your commander!) and other distracting festivities. Today I will be hopefully finishing the last of the assembly and getting on with a base of sorts. I have actually started spray painting at work as it has easy access to exhaust fans, a temperature controlled atmosphere, and lots of scrap boxes to use as backing. An added bonus is the lack of lingering fumes when you sit down for dinner.

My other work bench...

Speaking of the Imperial Knight, there is currently a painting competition running at GW Canada, and you can enter your completed model to your local store by the 29th of March. As an added bonus I contacted my local GW and confirmed I could purchase my model from an Independent stockist and enter it. As I game every week at my local indie, I thought it rude to bring such a large model along when purchased elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Mortgage your first born (or ask Gran nicely) and get painting!