Tuesday 19 August 2014

Photo Post: Krassis Trelix Firespray-31 WIP

As I have been spending far too long with all the fiddly details on the Space Marines for my latest diorama, I thought I'd share with you all some more interesting progress on one of my latest of my X-Wing "re-paints".

Starting with a black undercoat from a spray can, I slowly transitioned from dark to light greys using my basic airbrush, with a final highlight of white which you can see above. What is not initially noticeable is the use of masking medium in-between the layers to add some very quick and easy battle damage to the model which breaks up the large light coloured areas. With numerous paint layers I ended up scraping the masking fluid away with a toothbrush, rather than the usual thumb or paintbrush.

After blocking out the other areas like the canopy (to which a gloss coat was added after a blue base and dark blue/red glazes) the temptation to tinker got the best of me and I have started re-detailing some of the "quick and easy" battle damage, making it neither! This is where I am at, game ready for some Heavy Laser Cannon testing before returning to finish the detail work to commemorate the initial sortie. Wish me luck!

You can find the card artwork which I am basing my model on over at the X Wing Wiki.

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