Tuesday 21 October 2014

"Charosian" Horus Heresy Diorama (Completed)

"The conflict on Isstvaan III was the first battle in the history of the Imperium when Space Marines of the same Legion fought on opposite sides. Former comrades and brothers-in-arms became bitter foes. Betrayel and treachery abounded. On the devastated planet it was kill or be killed. No quarter was asked and none offered... " 

- Visions of Heresy, Alan Merrett (2013)

I called this diorama complete today, mainly because I spent the half of my last allocated painting day trying to rework "just one more part" of a rather speedily assembled and painted project. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and call it done, knowing you could spend days repainting certain sections and washing/dry-brushing rocks until you are lost in internet image searches looking for the perfect boulder photo to copy with a certain mix of glazes!

The inspiration from this project came from a picture in the recently released Visions of Heresy, depicting Space Marines of Emperor's Children (the elite "Charosian") and Sons of Horus fighting in the battle for Isstvaan III. The "Eye of Horus" flag is being raised by (presumably) turncoat Emperor's Children over the defeated (loyalist) Sons of Horus who survived the virus bombing and orbital bombardment, represented by the deceased model in the lower left. Technically I should not have included plants as they should have died in the virus bombing, however I felt the basing needed something extra and the story is already quite detailed for what should just be seen as a "cool" diorama.

If I were to make this diorama again I would take more care in detailing the Rhino and Emperor's Children, as I found it difficult to paint in details which would have been present or more crisp on an official model, rather than the green stuff versions I have created. I also set myself a goal of painting the majority of the model using a new (to me) technique of "two brush blending", which I am still learning. Combined with the use of my new airbrush for base coating, it made for a speedy three week painting project with less than 40 hours total time a rough estimate. I enjoyed the challenge, and look forward to spending a little more time painting some upcoming projects, especially a few single model display pieces which I have not really attempted yet using my newer skill set.

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  1. Whaa??? Finished already?

    I agree with your statements though... there comes a point where you can either keep going on a piece, adding more "9"s on to the end of a 99.99999% "done" work, or you can accept it as-is, and move on to another piece.

    Really looking forward to seeing this on Saturday at the painting competition. I only hope I can finish my own entries in time, and I've totally abandoned any thought of finishing that mini-diorama I was going to work on if I found the time. I'll barely be able to finish my primary entries if I just focus on them.

    1. Kelly, I didn't quite realise how quickly it all came together, with it all being painted in sections and "finished" before moving on the the next. It does definitely looks its best in the cabinet on display, I'm still getting a hang of the photos! Good luck with your candle burning painting over the next few days ;)

  2. *jaw drops...*

    That is outstanding! I've always loved that image.

    Are you aware of The First Expedition forum? (same community as the old Great Crusade forum). I know the other HH types would LOVE to see this!

    Not to mention we have a competition running right now (ends at the end of Oct) for minis inspired by (Collected) Visions of Heresy. (Ok, technically the rules say gameworthy minis rather than dioramas, but I'm pretty sure everyone will make an exception for an exceptional piece like this!)


    1. Thanks Hyperion! I see the competition is strictly "no dioramas" so I will make a general post over there sharing some of my work rather than an entry per se. I have been browsing quite a few other competitions you guys have run, there are some great entries!

    2. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff! :)

  3. This is really well done. I'm very impressed.

  4. How did I miss this post? Absolutely stunning work, man - really enjoyed seeing the whole thing come together! Bravo!