Sunday 4 January 2015

WIP Blood Angels Assault Marines on 32mm Bases

Recently I signed up for my first tournament in eight years, so you'll most likely see a lot more Blood Angel content over the next couple of months. It's time to dive head first into 7th Edition and see what all the fuss is about, and with a new codex and some new models my enthusiasm is very high as we welcome a new year.

Last week I shared with you some of my work in progress Tactical Marines on new 32mm bases, and this week I've been dusting off (literally scrubbing paint off) some older chainswords and bolt pistols to go with the new running legs from the Vanguard Veterans box. I had these legs saved away for a "cool project" some day, so why not use them as part of my first fully painted army since 5th Edition?

I used some of the leftover cast pieces and rocks from the Imperialis Basing Kit to give these guys extra height and room to sprawl without toppling over, and I love the amount of basing detail the new 32mm size allows. I also broke about seven drill bits trying to pin these guys to the rocks, but I will be rewarded should they tumble off the table as I'm sure they will stay attached to the base!

This week will mostly be undercoating and basecoating (saving a ton of time thanks to my airbrush), so if you are looking for cool picture of well painted models don't hold your breath. Instead, head on over to a brand new blog by three of my favourite Finnish painters, title "Iron Sleet". You won't be disappointed!


  1. I love the effort you're putting into your bases. I'm just moving up from "use a textured paint or basing sand" to "use a few bits of grit and a couple of different types of paste to get a more varied look" - although I do have some basing kits to play around with soon.

    I'm also planning on doing my own "25mm to 32mm" experiment, although I'm starting with the arch heretic Cypher!

    1. Thanks TRO, it's been a long journey with my basing. I now use about five different gravel sizes, some rocks, plastic pieces trimmed to size, and some green stuff to fill gaps. I am taking almost as long to make the base as I will painting it! I highly encourage everyone to try the new size, it's perfect for the marine stature.

      Good luck with your Cypher model!