Monday 2 March 2015

Gottacon 2015 40k: The Armies

I'm back from an awesome gaming weekend in Victoria at Gottacon 2015! I managed a less than impressive 1-4 for my first tournament outing in seven years (having aimed for at least two wins), though nearly every game was hard fought and really confirmed for me how much fun 7th Edition can be with the right attitude and opponent. Kudos to the organisers and attendees for creating a super relaxed but competitive environment! I forgot quite a few small things in the heat of battle (as well as something other than battle-foam and cardboard on which to display my army) but not much that could have saved my games. My list was initially tough for most opponents, though it folded like a wet paper bag once all the transports and other mobility was eliminated.

With Lords of War and super heavies all over the place a single Imperial Knight didn't phase most opponents, though the many many compliments on my painting and some really close games made it a must-attend event next year. If only I had time to paint armies and painting competition entries... Here are a selection of the nicest looking and meanest armies that I snapped a photo of between games. It's amazing how different 1750pt armies can be once Escalation/Forgeworld are allowed!


  1. someone brought TWO stompas? Holy moly. That would cause some serious issues for people. Thanks so much for the photos!

    1. I wasn't "lucky" enough to face them, though I heard a lot of their special rules threw some peoples game plans into disarray! It was a really enjoyable tournament for the number of *mean* lists. I shrunk the photos down so I hope it doesn't load too slowly.

    2. Everything loaded great matt, and really appreciate the photos! Two stompa's would be really tough. That's 24 hp of super heavy resilience. Their alpha would be pretty insane.