Sunday 26 May 2013

Basing with Fimo

Following on from my previous attempt at using Fimo, a relatively low cost sculpting putty which hardens in the oven, I was sent a large amount by a generous relative who thought it would be useful for a future project. After sitting on the shelf for over a year, having failed miserably to copy another person's basing technique, I thought I would bring it down this weekend for a second attempt. With the Dakkajet having a large flying base the usual rocks and sand approach wouldn't look as interesting on a large scale so I sought to use the Fimo to make flagstones which I could then weather and age using my new pigments.

Fimo comes in many different colours, but this isn't a problem as it can be painted if desired.

I used the remains of an old air filter mesh to create the desired shapes, then baked in the oven on a sheet of foil.

I used a pair of kitchen scissors to cut out the shapes once cooled, trimming excess to fit around the stand.

I then chamfered the edges using a hobby file and glued them in place using super glue.

The addition of some rocks, and an attempt at brush undercoating which was abandoned.

A couple of light coats of 'British Armour' and it was on to the details.

As with my Leman Russ I started with a drybrush highlight, followed by glazes and washes to darken.

In addition to applying pigments to shade, I also used a white to highlight and yellow to blend.

Overall I am happy with how it turned out, even with a little ghosting on the clear plastic stand.

The addition of thinned black and white paint on the cracks really makes them 'pop'.

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