Tuesday 14 March 2023

Grot Guard 2023 - Arks of Omen 2,000pts Army

I recently had the pleasure of heading to the "PlayOn Tabletop" studio with my Grot Guard for the third time, and brought my current 2,000pt list for the 9th Edition "Arks of Omen" tournament rules. This list features an allied detachment of Tempestus Scions (the grots with red berets) as well as the new Rogal Dorn Battle Tank, and a newly converted Command Squad and Lord Solar model. My Basilisk makes a return to the channel, as well as the "snotkopta" Scout Sentinels now mounted on new 80mm bases. I am so pleased with these photos that Nick was able to take, he was also so keen to snap them that I hadn't even turned them all to face the camera! What cheeky grots! I hope you enjoy these close-ups, and the battle report when it is released in a few weeks.