Tuesday 30 April 2019

"Grot Guard" at the 2019 WetCoastGT

Over the Easter long weekend I attended the Wet Coast GT in Vancouver, Canada, bringing 2000 points of fully converted and painted Astra Militarum "grots" and taking away the Favourite Army award as voted by other competitors. I also had my first win in the ITC format (after only one practice game and less than a dozen 8th Edition games) using a rather un-optimized list, built using a variety of leftover tanks and purposely purchased models kits to create the first army I am truly happy to own both in conversions, paint quality and colour scheme.

I hope to edit this and future posts with more details of the army and models but as I have spent over a year's worth of any available spare time just getting the army completed I'll leave you with a few of my favourite photos from the event. I don't think I will ever be attempting such a large and ambitious project any time soon! Thank you for all the words of encouragement from everyone online and at the event.