Tuesday 7 July 2015

Completed: Stormcast Eternal Conversion

A painting fever gripped me last night as I wanted to get this guy done quickly in-between other projects currently on the go. A friend posed the question in a local painting facebook group "how do I mix airbrush and normal brush techniques?" and I decided to try my own version of this on my previously converted Age of Sigmar model from the latest White Dwarf. With three colours airbrushed over a black undercoat (brown all over, then red for the base and yellow for the armour), I am very happy with how he turned out after around two hours of brushwork.

The base turned out much better than I had hoped, with the red earthy colours inspired by a lot of the new Age of Sigmar artwork complimenting the warm yellows of the armour and framing the colder blue of the shield very well. I used a combination of quick "two brush blending" for the highlights, followed by darker glazes of reds, browns and black for the shadows. It was great to try a "once off" model and not worry about the usual note taking and ease of repetition worries that usually cause painter's block on most of my army and unit painting. Around the back you can see some of the quicker brush strokes but overall the model looks great in the display cabinet, towering over some of his cousins from the 41st millenium!

Saturday 4 July 2015

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal Conversion

I had the fortune of picking up the very last copy of this weeks' White Dwarf which included a free model for Games Workshop's latest game Age of Sigmar. Essentially a complete reboot of their fantasy game "Warhammer", it has divided the gaming community and generated a lot of discussion in the last few months. I made myself swear of any rumour or leak websites for the past month as I wanted the models and game to speak for themselves, as I've had too many good models ruined by grainy or blurry photos, and played too many games where someone has used a "rumoured" rule rather than actually referencing the printed material.

(I have never played Warhammer "Fantasy" so most of the issues regarding a current collection or knowledge of existing rules do not apply to my perception of the new game and models.)

So why the conversion? I had the opportunity of seeing the full starter set of miniatures in person, before seeing any of the printed photos or even the White Dwarf. I really like the models, and I encourage anyone who doesn't to see them in person. Pick them up and turn them over in your hand, arrange them individually and in groups for a game, and you will start noticing all the details the photos miss and the less than flattering paint jobs butcher. I am still on the fence as to whether to jump on the Age of Sigmar gaming system, and my one pet hate is the "crouched" pose of the Sigmarites. So why not convert the free model and see how it looks painted? I took the opportunity to have the model hold his helmet, similar to my Blood Angels Captain conversion. If this is meant to be a hero of the Old World, why shouldn't he show his face? I'm in the middle of a commission at the moment but haven't actively painted since February (just a few base colours on some Orks), so this guy will be a great way to loosen up in preparation.

Update: Here is a the painted model after sculpting the missing bits!