Wednesday 3 July 2013

WIP: Flying Stand 'Urban Rubble' Base

It's been a little dry on the hobby front recently, at least in terms of interesting content. I've been starting on a couple of larger projects that I would prefer to get "off the ground" before sharing with you all, rather than little updates as I make progress. One of these involves a flying stand, and in keeping with the them I  expanded on my "urban rubble" basing project to include a much larger 'scene' to play with.

One of my future goals is to learn how to glue clear plastic without it ghosting! For this particular stand however, I am experimenting with masking my error using some static grass 'clumps', which can be placed without glue for a trial and then fixed permanently at a later date. I am yet to detail the rest of the base, but will be trying for a few cracks in the bitumen, and maybe even a painted line or two?

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