Saturday 14 September 2013

"Zero Gravity Blood" (Know No Fear Diorama #7)

This week I have been painting at a feverish rate, first on test models then the real thing, from horribly metallic pinks to red glazes over a white undercoat, all in an attempt to simulate the harsh lighting in the original artwork for Know No Fear. Instead of pursuing this to a finished model that I am yet pleased with, I turned my attention to some zero gravity blood.

Using tooth brush bristles and a few balls of green stuff I was able to add some depth to the rather flat surface area of the diorama. Having no experience of blood splatter in zero gravity, I placed these between the attacker and target, at height permitted by my brand of tooth brush. I then undercoated, dabbed a little red paint on for effect, and assembled the diorama to gauge a feel for model location prior to paint.

Astute readers may notice I have already undercoated Guilliman, but he was plucked from his cork stand for these photos prior to painting. I am not sure if I can fit a fifth model in the diorama as it may become too cluttered, and I am liking the areas between models giving a sense of a larger battle going on. I will also be spinning the model on the left (with the exploding chest) upside down to better match the artwork and emphasise this is a space battle. Space Marines in space! Who'd have thought it?

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