Sunday 24 November 2013

(Festive) Helmets of Heresy

The title of this post was originally "Christmas at Heaven's Teeth", but I managed to turn our annual Christmas card craft session into a Horus Heresy related post, such was the volume of excess linoleum I purchased for the original task. After a few failed attempts (where I forgot that lino-cuts are reversed when you print them!) all was well and the table was overflowing with holly, bells and bauble related printed cards.

With my significant other distracted with the serious business of writing the actual cards (I am now behind roughly 25-2), I took the time to make a few stencils of 31st Millennium Space Marine helmets, images which I have been collecting for years and storing away for future reference. While a full army of these guys could take me 1-2 years, it was amazing to be able to get these ideas down on paper in a matter of hours!

Naturally the only paint available was seasonal green and red, and the thought of brown (the two mixed) was not so palatable. So I embraced the festive spirit and proceeded with some not-so-grim-dark prints. With the help of a scanner and a free photoshop program called GIMP, I was able to create a custom banner to celebrate the festive season. I'm sure the (previously displayed) servo skulls are enjoying some delicious egg nogg during their well earned holiday, and I hope you do as well.

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