Thursday 24 April 2014

Cobblestone Bases with Sculpey

After the Imperial Knight Titan was completed I felt it was time to bring my similarly red Blood Angels back out from under the junk in the cupboard and update them with my current basing techniques. Having made large slabs of rock for the base of the Titan, I turned my attention to basing some smaller models using the same oven bake clay while keeping the style consistent across a whole army rather than single unit or model.

As with all my previous creations using Sculpey, the greatest thing about using oven bake clay is the ability to re-shape it as many times as you like without it setting like a two part epoxy. In this instance I simply re-rolled the shape using a rolling pin until I was happy with the thickness, and "stamped" in the pattern using a cast off section of plasticard and wood carving tool until I was happy with the size of the stone squares.

After baking it was simply a matter of snapping the squares off into their sections, ready for gluing. I chose to add  few longer sections to add interest to the pattern, but soon ran out when I started arranging them. Not to be deterred I pressed on until I was out of cobblestones and had an army's worth or bases to be proud of!

I added some Green Stuff underneath the stones to add strength, height, and a slight curve to some of the bases in addition to a few stones from the side of the road and leftovers from the bits box. I have been busy drilling the bases in preparation for pinning the models through the Sculpey into the plastic base to ensure they are durable enough for gaming, along with a little grit to fill in the gaps. This is the first time I have based an entire army separate from the models, and it really inspires further projects! I look forward to sharing some more photos with you as I begin painting.

A big shout out to Massive Voodoo for their "Can you Stamp It?" competition inspiration!

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