Tuesday 30 September 2014

Photo Post: My Painting Calendar

I'm not sure if anyone else has tried this, but I was inspired by a post by Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo fame where he describes making a "progress bar" (or running sheet) for individual sections of a larger project to keep motivation going when you feel like you are not making much of a dent despite many many hours prepping and painting a model. Last year I tried a very basic schedule of "one model per week with x number of weeks remaining" to get my Know No Fear diorama built quickly to match my painting speed at the time.

This year I felt I was running out of time until I sat down and made a sheet of all my available painting days (My weekends are Monday/Tuesday this month), split the project into workable sections, and mapped the two across a single sheet of paper. With two "catch up" days and modest goals of base-coating only during the first few days I am already ahead and inspired to continue working on the project rather than dreading the amount of painting still to be done. Who wouldn't love to schedule in a whole day for some freehand? I encourage you all to try this on your next project! Many thanks to Massive Voodoo!


  1. Everyone really has their own style of keeping track of their work. I'm starting to think I am spending too much time trying everyones bookkeeping stuffs instead of painting :).

  2. I agree that tracking an entire collection is daunting and leads to the painting blues, but for a single project here and there it certainly helps you stay focused!