Wednesday 5 November 2014

JRN's "Post-Centaur Painting"

I had been following the miniaTEXTures blog for quite a few months before I realised the author "JRN" was Jakob Rune Nielson, a multiple Golden Demon winner and artist I have admired since I was a teenager growing up with White Dwarf as my sole window into the world of miniature painting. A few page clicks later and a copy of his "Post-Centaur Painting" was on my doorstep. Inside are a collection of his single miniatures and related projects for the period April 2011 to December 2013, detailing his love of the Warhammer universe(s), sketching, painting and photography. All have been a great source of inspiration, particularly his conversion work with specific Games Workshop models as well as information about creating a general tone or palette across a group of miniatures painted many months apart. I won't share any photos as it is a limited run printed item but you can find a post here by the man himself with more information.

For my own part, his little orange booklet has inspired the notion of creating models without worrying about their gaming requirements, factional weaponry or insignia, and so on. Above is my take on what I would imagine an Inquisitor in the 41st Millenium might come up against when fighting a heretical cult taking root in a hive city. There are so many INQ28 warbands, what about the evil guys they have to face? The model is based on a Warhammer Chaos Sorcerer and I can't wait to try out some "objct source lighting" from the candles as well as painting his detailed face!

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