Sunday 28 December 2014

Blood Angels on New "32mm" Bases

I was just putting the finishing touches to my Blood Angels re-basing project when the first rumours of a new Blood Angels codex for 2014 surfaced mid-year. Not wanting to go through the pain of pulling weapons off arms or trashing painted models entirely (I'm looking at you, Rechlusiarch!) I stuck with a three colour minimum and played many games while waiting for the right time to start painting the Sons of Sanguinius in detail. Well, not only am I now painting them with different weapons and characters as expected, but Games Workshop have thrown me under the bus with a new base size!

You may recall I had been using the Imperialis Basing Kit (now out of production) for some of my non-power armoured models, so I thought I would extend the theme across to the new base size. The Imperialis kit includes a set of five 50mm bases, so I was able to create some 32mm bases by cutting and rounding off these resin pieces. I also purchased a Manufactorum scenery kit and cut the walls to size, creating some nice bases to match the Imperialis kit. Below you can see the start of my Assault Squad, making use of new Tactical Squad parts to add more Blood Angel details.

I am yet to go over the joins and pin holes with green stuff, but already I love the "stance" of the new models. Sure you may have trouble fitting models in scenery but they certainly won't tip over as much as the 25mm wobbly bases. I also love the way a whole squad of power armour looks, with the amount of board space occupied much more fitting for heavily armoured models.

With my new (basic) airbrush I look forward to quickly painting these guys up ready for battle. Tactical Marines have been a Blood Angels staple for me since Second Edition, add in a Heavy Flamer and they're bound to be my go to unit for 2015, riding in their Razorback. With an extra 12" movement thanks to new psychic powers there's no need for jump packs!

Librarian on the left, Inquisitor on the right. The new base size definitely adds extra height and "look at me" factor for power armoured models. I will probably end up using my Inquisitor as my Warlord as I much prefer the Ordo Xenos Warlord Traits and standard Tactical Objectives than the Blood Angels offerings. Hopefully the smaller base size and weedy looking model will make him less of a target for opponents.

Finally, a comparison between the two base sizes. No overhanging feet, the power armour shoulder guards frame up well with the edges of the 32mm base, and the whole model feels a lot more stable when positioned in difficult terrain. I look forward to sharing some painting progress photos with you in the New Year.


  1. Love that librarian old model!

  2. Man the new bases make the models look so much nicer!!!!!