Sunday 3 May 2015

Ork Vengeance Weapon Battery Conversion

(Stock Image courtesy of Games Workshop)

Kicking off my "Less is More" blogging philosophy is a conversion I have been working on since the start of March. I had originally planned to add some much needed anti-air firepower to my badly mauled Blood Angels in the form of a Quad Icarus Lascannon "Vengeance Weapon Battery". Alas the hobby fire died when my original Lascannon conversion looked quite terrible, so I picked up the pieces (literally) and sought to use the same model for my third repaint of my Ork army. Who doesn't love converting/looting things to be more Orky?

My imagination was initially captured by a leftover part from my Big Mek Gunz sprue, and I added some leftover battlewagon parts from the bits box. Looking good already! I saved all the extra add on details for future projects and played a few games as 'counts as' Qaud Icarus Lascannon. Unfortunately all but my usual opponent had trouble deciphering the exact rules, given it was a relatively new fortification with non standard looking weapons, manned by gretchin. After BS2 failed to hit most things, I switched to a Battle Cannon and began to add extra plates and rivets with brass pins. Cue the second stalling of the project, where I developed an allergy to both superglue and the time it was going to take to finish.

Thankfully I purchased a respirator with an organic filter, pulled apart some more previously painted Ork vehicles for their bits, and got to work filling all the gaps with some liquid green stuff. The flip side of my new "Less is More" Hobby Zen is the goal to use all my bits on projects right now, instead of waiting for the "perfect" project to use that particular saved part or model. I have a cupboard full of parts like this battle-cannon above (earmarked for a Looted Wagon in the future) that I am now excited to finally use, on a model which has already seen four games!

After a quick undercoat using the airbrush I love the way it looks and matches the Big Mek/Looting Deathskulls I am going for with the rest of the army. Add in the new 32mm bases for all of my Orks, and my "new" army is pretty mean when deployed at once, unlike the metal boxes of my Blood Angels. With three out of four games won (and three out of four of them involving my Shock Attack Gun Mek hilariously teleporting into combat across the board) I'm enjoying my modelling and gaming a lot more. Here's to keeping it Orky!


  1. That is fantastic - great build, man!

  2. That is one kick ass ork weapons platform. Love it. The gylphs really sell it!

  3. Good call on not saving bits. I am starting to get into that idea now, current project will get everything and anything it likes.

  4. Thanks for the great comments, I've been enjoying using this in game. Well worth the use of bits!