Sunday 25 October 2015

Thank You to Mengel Miniatures and Sponsors!

A long overdue thank you to Tyler over at Mengel Miniatures for the kind words and generous prize support as part of his Age of Sigmar painting competition held in August, in which my Stormcast Eternal conversion was selected as overall winner. I have received an amazing selection of washes from Secret Weapon Miniatures, along with an inspirational model designed and sculpted by Chris of Full Borer Miniatures fame. It is always nice to be recognised for your painting efforts, but to have these amazing products offered as a future painting incentive is really icing on the cake. Thank you!

I have stumbled across both the Secret Weapon washes and Chris Borer's models from many different sources, most notably James Wappel's painting articles and exposure at Dave Taylor Miniatures, so I feel I have a little piece of the blogosphere right on my desk at the moment. I have already had great success with the new washes on my latest diorama, and I look forward to using the Full Borer model in a future INQ28 adventure. I recommend you also head over to Tyler's forum and share some of your own work with the growing painting community.

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