Monday 26 December 2016

Lord Commander Eidolon Conversion

It's been a full twelve months since Bertrayal at Calth was released and I started work on my Emperor's Children army but I'm afraid to say that it has taken almost a year to finally find a purple colour scheme that I am happy with. Only recently have I settled on a "final" scheme, and only on this conversion would I consider it finished, though there is always room for improvement...

I didn't go all out on the details for this gaming model as I am well behind on the rest of the army, though the gold is done in a newer "true metallic metal" style using some tips from a recent White Dwarf. As for the purple? No washes, no glazes, no two-brush-blending, just a little rough feathering with pink and some edge highlighting for the details. A real joy to paint without any of the "painters block" which usually accompanies a commander type model, let's hope that translates well moving on to painting the rest of the army!

The model itself is based on the recent Ultramarine Herald model which was languishing in my local shop for many weeks. An over-priced and poorly sculpted piece of nonsense (GW plastics are so amazing these days I wonder why they bother with these special resin models? I guess my purchase confirms they sell...) I still saw potential and enjoyed converting this commander model using the already oversized legs and torso of the herald to great effect. Add in some harlequin pieces for the hairdo (hello Skrillex!) and I have a fairly reasonable conversion for my updated army list. I am working on some Tartaros Terminators at the moment, I look forward to sharing these with you all in the New Year!

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