Sunday 18 August 2013

Know No Fear Diorama #2

Time to populate the diorama with some Space Marines! Having already traded away my copy of Know No Fear I have little reference point except the cover art, so I made a rough estimation that MkIV Maximus Armour would be appropriate for the time period, and is easier to convert than MkIII. The Word Bearers seem to already exhibit chaotic armour patterns despite more modern looking armour, but for today I will share with you my first "MkIV" Ultramarine.

 As you can see, he is missing a few vital bits, having been shot with a boltgun in zero gravity. I have attempted to re-create the illustrated 'spray' pattern but the effect should look better with a little paint and gloss varnish. I removed the bent right foot and scuplted a new version which ties in better with the 'floating' appearance. I had run out of appropriate hands so I also sculpted a basic version of is right hand attempting to protect the chest area. There is no exact model in the cover art, but such is the benefit of artistic license!

Around the back we see a continued 'spray' of blood, though with most of the damage of the explosive shell done to the chest area. With this guy floating in space I have added some basic shoe prints, and taken the 'oldest' looking backpack from my bits box to complete the model. Next up will be the headless Word Bearer!

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