Saturday 31 August 2013

Know No Fear Diorama #4

The focus of this diorama is of course Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Ultramarines. Unfortunately there are no readily available models at the correct 'scale' as he would no doubt tower over all the Space Marines in the diorama, so it's time to break out the green stuff and plastic card again!

Before I share the model (so far) with you I would like to give a big shout out to Tale of Painters who have just added me to their blog roll. They have one of the slickest blogs around, pumping out amazing work at an astonishing rate (there are five of them), all while promoting some of the lesser known blogs and including examples of user submitted content. Thanks guys!

With the desire to keep things bubbling along, so to speak, I picked my battles with this guy, using existing head, arms, iron halo and backpack parts to speed up the creative process. I filed a pair of shoulder pads flat, adding the ribbing using plastic card, doing the same with the power fists by removing the fingers.

The legs are built up around existing Space Marine legs with plastic card added to the mid calf and bottom of the boots for extra height. I also added height at the waist level, and width at the chest. I am 99% done on the basic armour structure, so it's on to the fiddly decorations, studs, lapels and purity seals now, though the temptation is actually to keep the model quite clean looking as per the original artwork.

The lower section of the backpack is from a servitor, while the upper is made from two search lights glued end to end, then some green stuff and tubing to finish it off. I am not sold on the early pre-heresy back pack designs, but may make a nod to lore by remodelling with some appropriate vents and piping to match the style seen on MkII back packs. The boot print is more Neil Armstrong than 40k!

For an added bonus, here is a work in progress picture showing the white plastic card added to mid-calf, the half finished back pack, and an earlier claw/fist design which lacked an exposed hinge. With the added height and chest bulk he certainly looked like he had chicken legs. I made sure to have the original artwork handy (see below) when working with the green stuff, but I think the front leg ended up a bit thicker then the rear.

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