Tuesday 25 February 2014

WIP Beastmen with Boltguns

I don't know whether it's the beginning of the end but here I am starting another project, though this time it was more of a bits box archaeological dig rather than an actual planned-from-square-one sort of project. These Beastmen have been sitting at the back of the cupboard waiting for the "right" moment to unleash themselves upon my hobby table, and with 2014 being the year of tidying up the unfinished and unstarted, today was their day under the scalpel.

Putting these guys together reminded me of cutting up the Wargames Factory Zombies to make my zombie guard, with at least one arm on each model cut, pinned and green stuffed over to make the necessary angle. Unlike the zombies however, I couldn't make use of any open hands to hold the barrels of the weapons. A lot of squinting, swearing and poking around with a sculpting tool later, and I had "hands" which will paint up halfway decently (I hope).

By the time I had three of them together I was ready for some fun, which you can see above. The model of a Beastmen reading an Auspex really breaks the traditional notion of these beasts being nothing more than cannon fodder. Add in a Chaos shoulder pad, power claw, re-breather and a few Imperial baggage and I really have no idea who they would be fighting for. Maybe a rogue Inquisitor? Counts as Chaos Space Marines? Either way I had a lot more fun putting these guys together for fun, rather than setting out to model a specific unit for in game purposes. Beastmen with Lasguns didn't fit the bill!


  1. I love the guy on the right of the three with bolters. He looks mean! Good work on the sculpting!

    1. Thanks tMiaH, I can''t wait to paint them up, I'm going to have a go at MV's "quick" style:

  2. Beastmen with guns is so old school. I love it!!!!

  3. Very nice! I too chose to make some bolter-toting Beastmen, along with a couple sporting chainswords, and a few to use as Death Cult Assassins and Crusaders. The fluff may imply that this particular class of Abhuman is extinct, but my radical inquisitor knows better. He's scoured the dregs of hive cities, recruiting and training them from young ages. A beastman's natural abilities toward combat, combined with blind fervor for the God Emperor's glory is a vicious combination, making them easily the match of any of the emperor's other children. Though the imperium at large may view them as mutants, monsters, the vile spawn of warp influence, they know their purpose, and they know their sacrifice serves to exemplify the sacrifice of the God Emperor. Well, that and they look cool. Personally I've also been working on some squat-abhumans to go along with them:

    http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3789/11251753826_ce7aefe453_b.jpg (I am planning to add backpacks to these ones)
    http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3810/11251724195_728fc30e58_b.jpg (crusaders)