Saturday 1 February 2014

WIP Necron Destroyer Lord

This guy was an impulse purchase at the start of the month, and despite the massive amount of Necrons on my painting desk he jumped the queue as I was keen to try adding a contrasting colour for the "Royal" Necron Lords and Triarch models. After accidentally knocking over the premix glaze I use for shading (you can see the three colours I mix together in the photo below), I was pleasantly surprised to find the rapid drying time out of the pot changed the opacity of the mix, allowing for a much darker colour when taken from the edges. It was really pleasing to paint near black in the shaded sections by mixing three bright colours together!

After a few fudged attempts at wet blending I returned to a rough drybrush method for the basecoat, which will be covered a little once weathering is added. Where I did spend a little more time on was the glowing green, using a combination of green glazes from Vallejo (very bright) and GW (grimdark, as expected), as well as tinting with yellows and a little brown in the recesses. I will be trying the OSL next, but after the weathering. Once again I went for speed rather than quality of the paint job, as previously mentioned my main aim is to 'loosen up' my painting style and look at gradients of colour across the whole model, rather than painting each individual section of the model perfectly.

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