Saturday 7 February 2015

Re-basing my Imperial Knight

I can't believe it's nearly a year since the Imperial Knight model was launched along with the weekly release schedule and ensuing hobby budgeting chaos! With so many distractions throughout the year my Knight Errant has been the one model which has graced both display shelf and gaming table in equal measure. I had originally sculpted a one off base to meet the deadline for a Canada-wide painting competition, but stopped short of painting much heraldry or applying decals as I was waiting for the right army to match the paint scheme to. With my Blood Angels suitably crimson, it was time to switch bases for the upcoming tournament. I'll let the photos do the talking!

I had a few skulls remaining from a pack of skulls and cut a few extra away from the larger 'piles' which come with the blister pack. Add some of the floor sections cut using the same method as my Death Company bases and the whole lot was put together quite quickly. I wanted to 'square' the model off against the front of the base to make gaming and storage a little easier, and actually set the torso of the model against the lines in the tiled edges to make sighting the Ion Shield in game a lot easier. A good example of form following function for a tournament ready army. 

He's ready for some heraldry and a little more detailing of the base, but I love how the reds really push forward against the cooler and darker base. I have pinned a small 28mm figure to the base which represents the pilot, and he will look great against the painted banner as a fitting backdrop but all under "if I have time" at this stage! Now it's on to the rest of the armour for a few late night painting sessions between now and the end of the month!


  1. That really integrates nicely into your city board! At first I was wondering why you redid it, but the later photos explained :). Nice work and excellent use of those extra building bits!

    1. Greg, I had always felt the base could be improved upon but wasn't quite sure how. With my Blood Angels rocking their new bases the Knight looked out of place so I decided to see how it would look and have already found the "firing arc" lines very helpful in game. The red also looks much deeper with a dark base, who would have thought!

    2. I agree. It was a nice redo. I like both bases, but this one is definitely better. The fact it showcases your paint job even better is pure icing! Brilliant idea on the arc linsles btw!