Sunday 3 December 2017

Orks 2017

There's been plenty going on this year on the hobby front despite the arrival of twins in March. I've only had a chance to play 8th Edition 40k two or three times but have thoroughly enjoyed every game. I had sworn to myself that I would only play with painted models in the new edition, and this was the catalyst for a painting spree with my oldest army, this time in a fresh colour scheme.

Of course a new paint scheme means a "new" army colour and this time I chose Deathskulls (the clan of Orks responsible for stealing and modifying things), which also gave me a chance to finally start my Taurox/Battlewagon conversion which has been sitting in bits for many years. This is the current "centerpiece" for the army and as such I was looking forward to painting it the most.

The model I was least looking forward to painting was the Shock Attack Gun, pictured above. I had worked on the skin tone and then armour tone painting the troops, but had no idea how to approach a tabletop level glow effect. Fortunately I had about five different yellows including a fluorescent colour to experiment with, and I think it turned out appropriately garish!

The last model on the painting list was the leader, and I was equally uninspired by painting him due to the large amount of flat blue areas which required jazzing up, and the glowing force field. Thankfully I had experimented by adding a few brown rust streaks to the large blue panels on the battlewagon and they worked just as well on the smaller model to break up the large areas. Let's hope he performs well in game with a fresh coat of paint!

The "boys"  were key to my painting success, as I batch painted them quite quickly and was happy enough with them to paint the rest of the army. Orks are generally fielded in large numbers so i wanted to be sure I was satisfied with their look before continuing with the rest of the army. The photos aren't the best but I don't have time this year to set up a proper lightbox, it would mean less time painting!

I was inspired by a lot of "tale of warlords" painting and collecting articles in White Dwarf and online, I'm really happy with this small starter force, and I look forward to painting more next year. Add in my existing collection and I now have a modest 1500 points of Orks painted which i am very pleased with. Bring on the next few games! Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Great looking scheme! The Taurox/Battlewagon is inspired!

    1. Thanks! I initially planned a trukk but it looked too awesome with the roller on front!