Wednesday 16 January 2013

Death Company Stormraven Gunship 2

I said I wouldn't, so I did. I re-made the skulls on the Death Company Stormraven Gunship, this time referencing an existing skull rather than poking holes in a blob of green stuff. Looking good so far, both sides converted, just a few skulls left to model.

I've also taken the time to work out a nifty way of covering the Milliput on the inside by hanging some Blood Angel banners on the interior. This set off a chain of ideas for a gothic interior, but more on that later. Recently Games Workshop have introduced pre-sculpted banners on a lot of their models, removing the need for freehand painting. Knowing I tend to sculpt better than paint, I followed suit with some of my own.

I always look to the obvious for inspiration, imitation is the best form of flattery!

Blister pack plastic card, scored and coated in green stuff. The centre putty was too thin.

Shown above with only their base coat I am quite happy with how they turned out. I actually ran out of black paint and wash so I ended up using Charadon Granite for the black sections, with an Agrax Earthshade for the wash. I may do a little non-metallic metal on the skull 'cup' once the rest of the interior is done. Let me know your thoughts!

I attempted some candles using brush protectors, watch this space.

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