Wednesday 23 January 2013

Imperial Guard Sentinel Diorama: Construction

I started this blog after finishing my favourite model to date, a diorama of an Imperial Guard Sentinal for a local painting competition. I always use it as inspiration when a modelling project drags on too long as it took only one month from start to finish (including painting!) and is a constant reminder of how much modelling I can get done if I put down the computer and get stuck in!

Starting with plastic scraps, a cork and some green stuff...

...I created my usual pavement pattern (inspired by the bathroom tiles).

A few Lego blocks add some height for the 'injured' Space Marine.

Raiding the bits box yielded no legs, so I made do.

Inspired by Trajan's Column I added surface details to the cork.

I saved time by making the wall out of green stuff, rather than complete Lego.

A scale reference for the column details.

The completed model, ready for paint!

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