Wednesday 27 February 2013

Leman Russ Battle Tank Shading/Highlights

Having never tried to paint a tank 'well' other than dry-brushing silver on a black undercoat, I have looked to others for inspiration when tackling my Leman Russ Battle Tanks. Using a basecoat of 'Army Painter' Desert Yellow I then proceeded to add highlights and then shade down using washes/glazes as per the James Wappel method. I struggled at first, and feel it is a little sloppy for a first attempt, but the results are promising! Not bad for a couple of hours' work.

Base coat, applied over a previously painted model (a bit thick!).

Highlights of upper edges and minor reflections from the 'ground'.

Basic 'glaze' of blacks, browns along edges and shadows.

Black-lining using a black wash, more highlights as well.

A few chips, painted and 'sponged', with shading and edge highlights as well.

Now I am looking at the pictures I can definitely pick out a few water marks, missed opportunities to cover mistakes with 'chipped' paint markings, and a need to be more crisp with definition along edges. There's plenty more metal to practice on though and it's already looking less flat than the yellow on my Sentinel, but I also need to vary my palette a bit with some contrasting colours. I may try some pigments for dust effects on the tracks and lower hull.


  1. Looks great! I'll have to have a look at James Wappel's tutorial sometime... Seems straightforward enough. He's also got some vids coming out on Kickstarter too. I'd check out Mathieu Fontaine's armour tutorials too. I took his masterclass, and he knows vehicles really well. Next, I'll be trying out some of the new AK interactive weathering products. They seem promising, and Burnaby Hobbies just got a ton in stock. I'd love to see your finished model in person one day.

  2. Thanks Kelly, I have noticed the AK stuff popping up on a lot of tutorials, good luck with it. I've also started on some pigments with great results even if I'm "doing it wrong" according to some folks at my local shop. We will definitely cross paths some time at SGH on Main St, I'm sure. I really liked your rhino in the last "Immortal Brush"!