Thursday 14 February 2013

Painted "Munitorum" Dice Holder Servo Skulls

As you may have noticed by now, I am more of a 'hobby' Warhammer 40,000 enthusiast than a gamer. I prefer to play without painted models (unless they are newly released game winners of course), prefer well crafted scenery to a pile of books under a cloth, and until recently put just as much modelling effort into creating individual race specific objective markers for each of my armies.

What has changed? The release of some great new objective markers in the form of (supposedly) limited release Munitorum Dice and Dice Holders. These guys are modelled after Servo Skulls, the 41st Millenium equivalent of a wizard's familiar or drone, fashioned from human skulls and given an artificial intelligence of sorts so that former servents or low ranking adepts of the Imperium can continue their duties even after death. Creepy stuff! Being supplied pre-assembled I leapt at the opportunity to give them a lick of paint.

As you can see from the header above, reproduced here in case of future changes, I have taken these very grey looking Servo Skulls from Games Workshop and added some colour and a dash of clearcoat to make them stand out on the battlefield. There's nothing more annoying than fighting for six turns only to lose because you forgot the 6th objective hiding in the woods!

Recently I added a few names to each of the objectives, taken from a transfer sheet included with my Imperial Guard Sentinel. I had hoped to name them after glorious battles won over hard fought campaigns through the years, but it seemed cooler to game with them already named. They have been well received at the local games store, especially as I won them as a door prize at the last painting competition! Best of all they work well with any army (Tyranids less so?), the ultimate in future proofing.


  1. Those are full of win! They look great! Great idea. I've been using mine just as delivered. Now I have another new project... lol!

  2. Thanks Bill! It's always the small/quick projects that end up looking the best :)