Friday 18 October 2013

Know No Fear Diorama (Completed)

"Guilliman pushes Thiel aside and propels himself towards the Word Bearers. His armoured feet bite into the hullskin as he gains traction. He seems vast, like a titan. Not an engine of Mars. A titan of Myth." 

"His head is bare. Impossible. His flesh is bleached with cold. His mouth opens in a silent scream as he smashes into them. ...Guilliman twists and punches his head off. Clean off. Head and helm as one, tumbling away like a ball, trailing beads of blood."

- Know No Fear, Dan Abnett (2012)

This was a really fun project bringing a "zero gravity" concept to life, taken from the cover of Dan Abnett's Know No Fear Horus Heresy novel. The model was a winning entry at Strategies Games Hobbies in Vancouver for their 2013 Painting Competition in the diorama category. It also took home customer favourite model, and was a great confidence booster for many future painting projects. I was experimenting with glazes at the time, and really enjoyed shading with different mixes of primary glazes to darken the model, rather than adding black or grey to existing layered colours.

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