Saturday 12 October 2013

The Avenging Son (Know No Fear Diorama #11)

This week I have been diving into Dan Abnett's latest novel (and follow up to Know No FearThe Unremembered Empire, which details Roboute Guilliman's actions in the years after the battle of Calth. In it he is cut off from the Emperor by the warp and seeks to build his own Imperial domain in the eastern fringes. It is fitting then that I can share with you my near finished model of Roboute for my diorama.

(click for a larger picture)

Using the same palette as the injured Ultramarine, I extended the highlighted areas by including more gray and white before glazing back down to the base colour. Continuing through the glazes I added a little red, green and then brown/black washes all the way to black in the shadows. As he will be positioned on the base of the ship's hull I added more reflective highlights than the models floating in space.

The gold was painted entirely with browns and cream colours before being glazed with yellow, then re-highlighted along the edges. I have taken to mixing a lot of differing colours then tinting them with glazes so a list of exact colours used wouldn't be very descriptive. I drew a lot of my inspiration for this style from James Wappel, though I am still very new to glazes.

I am quite happy with how he turned out, though often I was kicking myself for not adding extra detail during the construction phase, leaving large areas which required smooth colour transition. I am on the fence regarding freehand details, and as with the other models I will see how the whole scene looks before adding any small details.

Apologies for the blurry photo! I spent an evening on his face, which ended up having a little bit too much contrast for my liking, but the teeth and eye details were worth the extra time spent cross eyed with my tongue poking out. The hair is actually a noticeably different colour than in the photos. I have left the diorama base to the end and I'm sure I will be seeing everything in gray scale by the time I'm done!

You can see construction of this model here.

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