Monday 6 January 2014

Completed: Necron Immortals

 The paint has been flying during the evenings here at Heaven's Teeth. With the aim to paint a "tabletop standard" army during the winter months, the perfectionist eye has left the building and the experimental edge has taken over. It may not look like it, but each of these Immortals is painted slightly differently, with the aim of losing the "rigidity" of previous paint jobs, while experimenting with different glaze mixes, applications of highlights, object-source-lighting, and weathering. All in under three hours, using batch painting methods.

On a time saving note, the bases were actually made much earlier in 2013, and their darker greys work well against the lighter models, though I personally prefer the more "even" balance on my earlier Necron Scarabs where they blend in rather than stand out. Please forgive my improper use of painting terms, I'm working on expanding my vocabulary this year as well as my painted model collection!

On the reverse side we can see the different shading glazes, from near black on the outer two models, to almost dark green or grey on the central figure. The farthest right model also benefitted from application of the final highlight after all the glazing and weathering was completed, and I will be carrying this over to future units in this army. I am slowly putting together a step-by-step for this paint scheme, so stay tuned.

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