Wednesday 1 January 2014

Completed: Necron Scarabs

The New Year brought renewed hobby enthusiasm after reading a lot of yearly blog reviews, and to kick off my painted model count for 2014 I picked the low hanging fruit of my "Winter Painting Project" in the form of my Necron Scarabs, which were already on the work bench from last year.

Keeping things simple I used a grey spray can base coat for both the rocks and the scarabs, transitioning to browns and blacks in shading the rocks, and blue/greys and white for the scarabs. The exact colours will probably be the focus for a future post, but the addition of the GW technical paints for a little dirt, rust, and a little green object-source-lighting really brought the models to 'life'. I kept the rocks quite muted in their highlights to give the scarabs more contrast when arranged together in a unit.

For a total paint time of less than two hours for the entire unit I am very happy with the results, though I rushed the red Space Marine and he does not hold up well under close inspection so no photos of that particular base! This unit is also my first attempt at a 'table-top' or 'gaming quality' paint scheme and matches my expectations perfectly.

Gaming wise, these guys are Beasts (!) which means they ignore terrain when moving (at twice the speed of regular troops) so they should give the opponent an additional target to fret about when the really nasty stuff is in their face on turn two. They also 'chew' through armour so should be helpful for Land Raiders and the like. Even if they don't make it into contact with the armour, their position on the table will certainly affect an opponent's confidence in throwing tanks forward. The game is won in the Movement phase, as they say!

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