Thursday 13 March 2014

Imperial Knight (WIP Week 2)

This week I became a little overwhelmed/awestruck by the amount of finished Knights showing up on blogs, and with the paint scheme not yet a cohesive picture in my head (despite fingers covered in paint!), I turned to the base to keep the motivation going and look for some inspiration. Having just picked up Ravenor Rogue by Dan Abnett, I took the Inquisition symbol on the front and used my new go-to product, Sculpey, to add height and details. Add in a couple of candles from my currently shelved Stormraven project and it's looking the part so far!

The "Machinum" motif is the section of the Inquisition which deals with technology, both STCs and Alien tech, so it seemed fitting for me to use this in the base of my Freeblade (solo) Knight. This may expand into a small Inquisitiorial force down the road, and maybe tie in with the use of my Blood Angel 'STC' Baal Predator. In hindsight I may have made things more interesting visually by offsetting the angle of the tiles, but I will be pinning the Knight to the base to allow for re-basing in future.

Speaking of the Knight I have started from the ground up with the legs, using a mix of three glazes feathered across the base colour, a second brown glaze for depth, and a black wash applied in the shadows. After that it's a lengthy process of edge highlighting and weathering, all of which is taking longer than expected! I aim to be starting the "gold" edging and red armoured sections next week, and I am already happy with the shading of the reds "toes".

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