Sunday 2 March 2014

WIP Blood Angels Command Squad and Captain

Yet another unopened box lurking in the cupboard, this recent addition to my Blood Angels was modified using some new bits from the Finecast range of Space Marine Captains. Despite the usual added time of straightening arms/weapons and cutting seemingly endless amounts of flash from the models (only to fill in the bubbles with Green Stuff) I really like the poses and wargear of these guys. Painting has been put on hiatus for yet another project, but I thought I'd share them with you all.

(Seriously, does anybody work in quality control!?!?)


  1. Ironically I picked up a Master of the Relics at the weekend and found the same thing, it was full of flash and random holes to fill in. I still haven't decided on a colour scheme and I should probably paint the other bits in the queue first

    1. It's like they position the sprues inside the blister pack to hide the faults! Regarding the "queue" I'm letting my inspiration taking me where it will, the painting can catch up later...