Saturday 17 January 2015

Blood Angels Tactical Marine (Test Paint Scheme)

After a few more games under my belt, including a very close one against traitor guard (blob infantry in a Spartan Land Raider!) I am starting to paint up the models I know I will be taking to the tournament at the end of February. Following some advice on photography thanks to Tale of Painters and the limited settings on my Nokia 1020 I was able to snap some much crisper shots of my test model. These are all simply cropped, as I have no editing skills at all!

The palette is quite darker than I was originally planning, but really captured the "grimdark" I was looking for. The return to metallic paints after about two years is also enjoyable and much quicker than the layering/glazing/blending on some of my recent projects. I also used washes for my darkest shadows rather than glazes, as I am able to crate quick smooth shadows using two brush blending with regular paint and then crisp lines with washes and edge highlighting. Speed is certainly a goal with this project, and this guy took less than two hours to finish after airbrushed basecoat, which makes an army size project much more achievable.

I really like how the use of a green-grey colour on the boltgun and the base tie the model together, while complementing both the red armour and greens of the eyes and shrubbery. No squad markings yet, I am still playtesting the weapon configurations so I may move some models between squads. The Heavy Flamer has been much more useful than I was anticipating!

I stuck to a very basic freehand for the chapter symbol, this is an army rather than a display model, and you can see where I have left some of the overspray from the airbrushed grey rocks on the bottom of the feet. A crisp red/gray line would have been more time-consuming and difficult to paint without it looking like he is 'floating' as red can sometimes 'pull forward' when viewed against a cool background. I think it looks dusty rather than lazy, and shouldn't detract too much once there are a few more models around him.

I highly recommend you read the Tale of Painters photography guide I mentioned earlier, even if you've read hundreds of similar guides before. Above you can see the earlier photo I took before applying some of the tips Garfy outlines, and the blurry legs are much crisper along with less shadows. I would love to try taking some photos with an SLR one day, but I'll have to paint a lot more to make it worthwhile borrowing one. I hope all your new year projects are going well and you're all trying something new to stretch yourselves (even if it's just better photos)!


  1. Gold on the standard Tac chest, interesting. This model looks fantastic by the way, I'm looking forward to seeing more...

    1. Thanks Gunzhard, I just had a look through your awesome gold painting guide, I will definitely have to try out a few different combos. I chose the gold because it was quicker/easier than the bone colour I used previously and more ornate than the black/grey used on the GW paint scheme. Sticking the bolters to the model prior to painting was a deciding factor too...

  2. Thanks Edmund, I had no idea how ISO changed a cameras operation until now! I only remember buying ISO200 film as a kid because it was cheaper and then being frustrated when indoor lighting didn't produce nice photos :/